LPLDL® in finished products –
CholBiome® Series

CholBiome®- Supporting Cardiovascular Health with LPLDL®

CholBiome offers a range of scientifically supported supplements that feature Lactobacillus plantarum LPLDL, the patented, naturally occurring probiotic strain supported by clinical studies. LPLDL offers a safe, effective and natural solution for cardiovascular health. Chosen from 4,000 candidates for its outstanding bile salt hydrolase activity and impact on cardiovascular biomarkers, LPLDL also has IP (intellectual property) rights secured by 29 patents and 2 trademarks.

Why choose CholBiome?

The CholBiome Range


For Cholesterol Maintenance

Contains LPLDL as the active ingredient to support healthy cholesterol and blood pressure management. These benefits are also present in each product within the range.


For Cholesterol Reduction

Contains 3 ingredients in a unique triple layer tablet; LPLDL, red yeast rice rich in monacolin K and Niacin (vitamin B3) to reduce cholesterol.


Supporting EFSA health claim:

“Monacolin K from red yeast rice contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.”


For Blood Pressure Reduction

Contains 4 ingredients in a unique triple layer tablet; LPLDL, Thiamine (vitamin B1), L-arginine and CoEnzyme Q10 to reduce high blood pressure.

Supporting EFSA health claim:

“Thiamine contributes to the normal function of the heart.”


For Calcification Reduction (Vascular health)

Contains 3 ingredients within a HPMC capsule; LPLDL, Thiamine (Vitamin B1) and K2VITAL® (Vitamin K2)

Supporting EFSA health claim:

“Thiamine contributes to the normal function of the heart” and “Vitamin K contributes to normal blood coagulation”.

The CholBiome series utilises different active ingredients for a multi-targeted approach. Each product is formulated to tackle various areas of cardiovascular health, including: cholesterol management, hypertension and vascular health.

Whether in tablet or capsule format, each product comes with gastric acid protection technology. Considering 80-90% of bacteria is killed in the stomach, this is required to ensure the probiotic survives the journey to the intestine, and delivers optimal performance.

Health claim references

1) EFSA Journal 2011;9(7):2304
2) EFSA Journal 2010;8(10):1757
3) EFSA Journal 2009;7(9): 1228

Award recognition

LPLDL is an industry recognised ingredient, and has been a runner up in multiple leading
industry awards within probiotic categories.  

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