Scientific Studies

LPLDL (ECGC13110402) has been shown in human intervention studies to be an effective means of reducing both cholesterol and blood pressure.

University of Reading

Safety and efficacy of LPLDL (CholBiome) in normal to mildly hypercholesterolemic adults

A 12-week, independent, double blind, randomised, placebo-controlled human intervention in 49 adults (total cholesterol at baseline between 5.16 and 7.64mM), taking 4×109CFU encapsulated LPLDL or placebo.  Results are based on 12 weeks consumption LPLDL vs placebo.

LPLDL was shown to be completely safe, well-tolerated and statistically significant to improve multiple CVD risk biomarkers:

University of Pavia

Efficacy of CholBiomeBP in pre-hypertensive adults

A 12-week independent, clinical study was carried out in 40 adults with high normal blood pressure (systolic blood pressure 130-139mm Hgm diastolic blood pressure 85-89mmg). Volunteers consumed 1 tablet of CholBiomeBP daily. Results are based on 12 weeks consumption vs baseline (pre-intervention levels).

CholBiomeBP was shown to be statistically significant on improving multiple CVD risk biomarkers:

Award recognition

LPLDL is an industry recognised ingredient, and has been a runner up in multiple leading
industry awards within probiotic categories.  

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